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Qualified since 2006, Gemma graduated with distinction and is a Registered Naturopathic Nutritionist. She is also a qualified Mindfulness Facilitator, a Neuroleadership Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

With a background in the corporate world for 20+ years, Gemma has shaped her philosophy of achieving balance in the workplace, through great nutrition and practical wellbeing tools whilst being mindful of all that is important in life. She uses a blend of nutritional science, mindfulness and coaching skills to educate and motivate individuals to implement simple changes that give lasting results for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Gemma’s inspiration comes from seeing first-hand, the results that clients achieve with greater health, energy, clarity, resilience and focus.

Specializing in overcoming stress and burnout as well as preventing cognitive decline. Gemma is experienced at providing wellness coaching to C-level individuals within the corporate world and also supporting groups to achieve their wellness goals.


CNM Naturopathy 2002
IINH Dip Nutritional Therapy 2006
PSG Coaching Certificate 2010
NLP Practitioner 2014
Mindfulness Practitioner 2015
Neuroleadership Coach 2016

Gemma is a member of the NTOI and the ANP professional bodies and as such adheres to the code of ethics and practice as laid out by both the NTOI and the ANP.

Affiliations: Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI), CNM, IINH, ANP

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  • Registered Nutritional Therapists and Brain Health Educators with over 14 years clinical experience
  • 10+ years experience working in Corporate Wellness
  • Trained in nutrition & lifestyle elements of  the Bredesen Protocol (developed by leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen) for the prevention of neuro degeneration and cognitive decline
  • Qualified NLP practitioner, Mindfulness Facilitator & Neuroleadership coach.
  • Members of the NTOI and as such adhere to the code of ethics and practice as laid out by the NTOI.
  • Passionate about prevention & supporting health through nutrition & lifestyle medicine.
  • Inspired by our journey, we share our knowledge & experience to promote vitality, longevity & help prevent cognitive decline.

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