pH Test Strips


Measures pH of saliva & urine

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Want a clear indication of your body pH? Our Test Strips can help.

These clever strips allow you to determine the pH of both urine and saliva. With this information, you can better track changes as you move towards a healthier acid-alkaline balance via dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Accurate and Easy to Read

Our pH Test Strips are optimised for the measurement of your internal pH balance and, since they benefit from a dual-pad layout, they are incredibly easy to read.

The strips provide much more accurate results than the standard pH papers you’ll find at your local pharmacy.

Calibrated from pH 4.5 to pH 9.0, they can provide you with an accurate measurement of your body’s internal pH balance within just 10 seconds of dipping them into either urine or saliva.

Each pack contains 80 test strips.

Note: pH Test Strips are specifically optimised for measuring the pH balance of your body’s internal systems. If you wish to measure the pH of your drinking water, take a look at our Colourmetric Reagent instead.


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