Measures pH of tap water

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The pH Test Colour Reagent helps you measure the pH of your drinking water.

Easy to use, simple to read and incredibly accurate, the Water pH Test Kit is exactly what you need to determine the alkalinity or acidity of tap water.

The DIY kit also helps you measure the pH of water produced by our alkaline filters.

Many people make the mistake of using pH Test Strips to test drinking water pH; but this specialised pH Test Colour Reagent is the ONLY product capable of giving an accurate reading time after time.

Simply add 4 drops of reagent to 50ml of water; wait for 3 minutes; then compare the colour of the solution to the colours on the chart provided.

Take guesswork out of the equation, and stay on track with your alkaline regime.

The aforementioned pH Test Strips, incidentally, are what you need if you want to measure the pH of urine or saliva. Doing so will help you better understand your body’s acid-alkaline balance.


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