Vivace 5 Day Reset


This bundle buys you access to the Vivace Health 5 Day Reset Plan which contains

  • Phresh Greens (57 Servings 285g)
  • pH Strips (80 strips)
  • downloadable daily meal plans
  • recipes
  • shopping lists
  • membership of the Vivace Health 5 Day Reset closed Facebook group

pHresh Greens

A Raw Greens Powder with Real Vitality, pHresh Greens is a super green supplement that combines some of the most nutrient-dense grasses, grass juice powders, green vegetables and algae in existence.

The 100% raw supplement is packed with nature’s most alkalising greens, dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their nutrients and give you the vitality of a truly raw product.

As it’s completely natural, pHresh Greens provides a generous selection of bioavailable vitamins, alkaline minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, carotenoids and antioxidants needed to:

• Neutralise acids in your blood and tissues

• Detoxify your body

• Energise your cells

To make an alkalising raw green smoothie, just add a scoop of pHresh Greens to water and blend. You can also incorporate pHresh into your favourite detox smoothie!

pH Test Strips

Ideal for measuring the pH of saliva or urine to give an indication of the alkaline balance of the body. They are not suitable for measuring the pH of water. The pH Test Strips are supplied in convenient-to-use packs of 80 strips.



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Phresh Greens

Fully Raw, Fully Natural pHresh Greens is:

• 100% raw: The gentle, low-heat dehydration process ensures that all ingredients are preserved longer.

• Super concentrated: One teaspoon of pHresh Greens supplies you with the equivalent of 3-4 servings of raw vegetables, making it a great way of ensuring you consume the recommended 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

• Made of 100% organic ingredients: There are no fillers, chemicals, additives or GMOs. Nor is there any gluten, soy or animal ingredients. How many raw green supplements can say the same?

• Nutritious: A natural source of antioxidants, B vitamins, carotenoids, phytonutrients, enzymes, dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Ingredients include wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, spirulina, chlorella and other nutrient-packed grasses and grass juice powders together with selected green vegetables.

Because pHresh Greens is made from raw greens, you are getting the vital nutrients of ingredients from a natural state – when they are more readily absorbable. It’s the next best thing to harvesting your own organic vegetable garden!

pHresh Greens is supplied in tubs of 285g, which gives 57 servings. Order yours today and start feeling the benefits.

pH Strips

Want a clear indication of your body pH? Our Test Strips can help.

These clever strips allow you to determine the pH of both urine and saliva. With this information, you can better track changes as you move towards a healthier acid-alkaline balance via dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Accurate and Easy to Read

Our pH Test Strips are optimised for the measurement of your internal pH balance and, since they benefit from a dual-pad layout, they are incredibly easy to read.

The strips provide much more accurate results than the standard pH papers you’ll find at your local pharmacy.

Calibrated from pH 4.5 to pH 9.0, they can provide you with an accurate measurement of your body’s internal pH balance within just 10 seconds of dipping them into either urine or saliva.

Each pack contains 80 test strips.

Note: pH Test Strips are specifically optimised for measuring the pH balance of your body’s internal systems. They are not suitable for testing the pH of your water.

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